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noun, Nautical.
ice pitted or honeycombed from melting.


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  • Rottenness

    adjective, rottener, rottenest. 1. decomposing or decaying; putrid; tainted, foul, or bad-smelling. 2. corrupt or morally offensive. 3. wretchedly bad, unpleasant, or unsatisfactory; miserable: a rotten piece of work; a rotten day at the office. 4. contemptible; despicable: a rotten little liar; a rotten trick. 5. (of soil, rocks, etc.) soft, yielding, or friable as […]

  • Rottenstone

    noun 1. a friable stone resulting from the decomposition of a siliceous limestone, used as a powder for polishing metals. noun 1. a much-weathered limestone, rich in silica: used in powdered form for polishing metal

  • Rotten to the core

    Thoroughly bad, as in It seems that this police unit is rotten to the core, involved in numerous extortion schemes. The noun core here denotes the central part or heart of anything or anyone. The idiom was first recorded in 1804.

  • Rotter

    noun, Chiefly British Slang. 1. a thoroughly bad, worthless, or objectionable person. noun 1. (slang, mainly Brit) a worthless, unpleasant, or despicable person

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