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a variant spelling of ruche


Read Also:

  • Roucou

    noun 1. another name for annatto

  • Roue

    noun 1. a dissolute and licentious man; rake. noun 1. a debauched or lecherous man; rake

  • Rouen

    noun 1. a city in and the capital of Seine-Maritime, in N France, on the Seine: famous cathedral; execution of Joan of Arc 1431. 2. one of a breed of domestic ducks resembling the wild mallard. Seine-Maritime [sen-mah-ree-teem] /sɛn mɑ riˈtim/ noun 1. a department in NW France. 2449 sq. mi. (6340 sq. km). Capital: […]

  • Rouen-lilac

    noun 1. a shrub, Syringa chinensis, of France, having clusters of fragrant, lilac-purple flowers.

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