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Rough as a cob

rough as a cob


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  • Rough-ass


  • Roughback

    noun 1. any of several large American flatfishes having rough skin, especially Hippoglossoides platessoides, a species of plaice.

  • Rough-bluegrass

    noun 1. a grass, Poa trivialis, native to Eurasia and naturalized in North America, where it is used in mixtures for lawns and pasturage.

  • Rough-breathing

    noun 1. the symbol (ʿ) used in the writing of Greek to indicate aspiration of the initial vowel or of the ρ (rho) over which it is placed. 2. the aspirated sound indicated by this mark. rough breathing noun 1. (in Greek) the sign (῾) placed over an initial letter, or a second letter if […]

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