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noun, plural roughhouses
[ruhf-hou-ziz] /ˈrʌfˌhaʊ zɪz/ (Show IPA)
rough, disorderly playing, especially indoors.
verb (used without object), roughhoused
[ruhf-houst, -houzd] /ˈrʌfˌhaʊst, -ˌhaʊzd/ (Show IPA), roughhousing
[ruhf-hou-sing, -zing] /ˈrʌfˌhaʊ sɪŋ, -zɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to engage in rough, disorderly play.
verb (used with object), roughhoused
[ruhf-houst, -houzd] /ˈrʌfˌhaʊst, -ˌhaʊzd/ (Show IPA), roughhousing
[ruhf-hou-sing, -zing] /ˈrʌfˌhaʊ sɪŋ, -zɪŋ/ (Show IPA)
to handle roughly but with playful intent:
to roughhouse the cat.
rough, disorderly, or noisy behaviour
to treat (someone) in a boisterous or rough way


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