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Rough spin

(NZ, informal) hard or unfair treatment


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  • Rotor

    noun 1. Electricity. a rotating member of a machine. Compare stator (def 1). 2. Aeronautics. a system of rotating airfoils, as the horizontal ones of a helicopter or of the compressor of a jet engine. 3. any of a number of tall, cylindrical devices mounted on a special ship (rotor ship) and rotated in such […]

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  • Rough-voiced

    [ruhf-voist] /ˈrʌfˈvɔɪst/ adjective 1. having a harsh or grating voice: a rough-voiced barker.

  • Rough-winged swallow

    [ruhf-wingd] /ˈrʌfˌwɪŋd/ noun 1. either of two New World swallows of the genus Stelgidopteryx, having outer primary feathers with small barblike hooks on the margins. 2. any of several African swallows of the genus Psalidoprocne, having similar feathers.

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