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noun, adjective
a variant of Romanian
a variant of Romania


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  • Roumelia

    noun 1. Rumelia. noun 1. a division of the former Turkish Empire, in the Balkan Peninsula: included Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace. 2. Eastern, a former autonomous province within this division: later became S Bulgaria. noun 1. a variant spelling of Rumelia noun 1. (history) the possessions of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkan peninsula: including […]

  • Round

    adjective, rounder, roundest. 1. having a flat, circular surface, as a disk. 2. ring-shaped, as a hoop. 3. curved like part of a circle, as an outline. 4. having a circular cross section, as a cylinder; cylindrical. 5. spherical or globular, as a ball. 6. shaped more or less like a part of a sphere; […]

  • Roundabout

    adjective 1. circuitous or indirect, as a road, journey, method, statement or person. 2. (of clothing) cut circularly at the bottom; having no tails, train, or the like. noun 3. a short, close-fitting coat or jacket worn by men or boys, especially in the 19th century. 4. British. a merry-go-round. 5. a circuitous or indirect […]

  • Roundabout-chair

    noun 1. corner chair.

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