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Round figures

see: in round numbers


Read Also:

  • Round-file

    noun 1. circular file. noun 1. a wastepaper basket verb 2. (transitive) to throw into a wastepaper basket; discard; reject

  • Round foramen

    round foramen n. An opening in the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, transmitting the maxillary nerve.

  • Round-hand

    noun 1. a style of handwriting in which the letters are round, full, and clearly separated. noun 1. a style of handwriting with large rounded curves Compare italic, copperplate (sense 3)

  • Roundhead

    noun, English History. 1. a member or adherent of the Parliamentarians or Puritan party during the civil wars of the 17th century (so called in derision by the Cavaliers because they wore their hair cut short). noun 1. (English history) a supporter of Parliament against Charles I during the Civil War Compare Cavalier

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