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a sequence or series.
a petition, remonstrance, or the like, having the signatures arranged in circular form so as to disguise the order of signing.
a letter, notice, or the like, circulated from person to person in a group, often with individual comments being added by each.
Sports. a tournament in which all of the entrants play each other at least once, failure to win a contest not resulting in elimination.
a letter, esp a petition or protest, having the signatures in a circle in order to disguise the order of signing
any letter or petition signed by a number of people
(US & Canadian) a tournament, as in a competitive game or sport, in which each player plays against every other player

A scheduling algorithm in which processes are activated in a fixed cyclic order. Those which cannot proceed because they are waiting for some event (e.g. termination of a child process or an input/output operation) simply return control to the scheduler. The virtue of round-robin scheduling is its simplicity – only the processes themselves need to know what they are waiting for or how to tell if it has happened. However, if a process goes back to sleep just before the event for which it is waiting occurs then the event will not get handled until all the other processes have been activated.
Compare priority scheduling.
A petition or other document signed by several persons in sequence, so that no one can tell who was the first to sign it. For example, We decided to send a round robin to management to protest the new rules about work hours. This term originally referred to a grievance presented by seamen to their captain, called round because of the circular sequence of names, but the source of robin has been lost. [ Early 1700s ]
In sports, a tournament in which each player or team plays against all of the others in turn. For example, The club always holds a tennis round robin on the Fourth of July. [ Late 1800s ]


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