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a trip to a given place and back again:
Fares for round trips often have a discount.
a transportation ticket for such a trip.
Pinochle. roundhouse (def 4).
a trip to a place and back again, esp returning by a different route
A journey to a given place and back again, usually over the same route; also, a ticket for such a trip. For example, The fare for a round trip is generally lower than for two one-way journeys. [ Mid-1800s ]


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  • Round-tripper

    [round-trip-er] /ˈraʊndˈtrɪp ər/ noun, Baseball Informal. 1. a home run. round-tripper

  • Roundtripping

    /ˈraʊndˌtrɪpɪŋ/ noun 1. (finance) a form of trading in which a company borrows a sum of money from one source and takes advantage of a short-term rise in interest rates to make a profit by lending it to another

  • Round-trip ticket

    noun 1. (US & Canadian) a ticket entitling a passenger to travel to his destination and back again British equivalent return ticket

  • Round-trip time

    (RTT) A measure of the current delay on a network, found by timing a packet bounced off some remote host. This can be done with ping -s. (1994-11-30)

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