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Route flapping

flapping router


Read Also:

  • Routeing

    networking (US “routing”) /roo’ting/ The process, performed by a router, of selecting the correct interface and next hop for a packet being forwarded. This is the British and international standard spelling. See also Exterior Gateway Protocol, Interior Gateway Protocol. (2001-05-28)

  • Routeing domain

    networking (US “routing”) A set of routers that exchange routeing information within an administrative domain. (1994-12-14)

  • Routeman

    noun, plural routemen. 1. a person who works in a specified area or covers a specific route, as a mail carrier or truckdriver. 2. a supervisor who establishes a route for salespersons or the like, maintains office records, and handles customer relations for it. 3. a person who routes work among a group of employees, […]

  • Routemarch

    noun 1. (military) a long training march 2. (informal) any long exhausting walk verb 3. to go or send on a routemarch

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