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verb (used with object), rove or reeved, roven or reeved, reeving. Nautical.
to pass (a rope or the like) through a hole, ring, or the like.
to fasten by placing through or around something.
to pass a rope through (the swallow of a block).
(English history) the local representative of the king in a shire (under the ealdorman) until the early 11th century Compare sheriff
(in medieval England) a manorial steward who supervised the daily affairs of the manor: often a villein elected by his fellows
(government:Canada) (in certain provinces) a president of a local council, esp in a rural area
(formerly) a minor local official in any of several parts of England and the US
verb (transitive) (nautical) reeves, reeving, reeved, rove (rəʊv)
to pass (a rope or cable) through an eye or other narrow opening
to fasten by passing through or around something
the female of the ruff (the bird)


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