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Rs flip-flop

SR flip-flop


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    1. Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. abbreviation 1. (formerly) Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic RSFSR Russian Rossijskaja Sovetskaja Federativnaja Sotsialisticheskaja Respublika (Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic)

  • Rsg

    abbreviation (in Britain) 1. rate support grant 2. (civil defence) Regional Seat of Government

  • Rsgb

    abbreviation 1. Radio Society of Great Britain (amateur radio operators)

  • Rsh

    Remote shell. A Berkeley Unix networking command to execute a given command on a remote host, passing it input and receiving its output. Rsh communicates with a daemon on the remote host. It is sometimes called remsh to avoid confusion with the restricted shell, also called “rsh”. Unix manual page: rsh(1). (1994-12-08)

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