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right side up with care.
right side up with care


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    1. radiotelephone. 1. right. Football. 1. right tackle. abbreviation 1. right abbreviation 1. radio telegraphy 2. radio telephony Rt Ruth RT 1. radiation therapy 2. radio technician 3. radiotelephone 4. respiratory therapist 5. response time 6. return ticket 7. right tackle 8. room temperature rt. right Rt. route

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    Football. 1. right tackle.

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    operating system A real time operating system for the DEC PDP-11 computers, used in the early 1980s and still in 2005 found occasionally in old embedded systems. (2005-01-26)

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    abbreviation 1. road traffic accident RTA 1. ready to assemble 2. renal tubular acidosis

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