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Rubber boots

rubber boots


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  • Rubber-bridge

    noun, Cards. 1. a form of contract bridge in which deals are not replayed and in which scores are settled after each rubber. rubber bridge noun 1. a form of bridge in which fresh hands are dealt for each round and the aim is to win a rubber Compare duplicate bridge

  • Rubber-bulb syringe

    rubber-bulb syringe rub·ber-bulb syringe (rŭb’ər-bŭlb’) n. A syringe with a hollow rubber bulb and a cannula provided with a check valve, used to obtain a jet of air or water.

  • Rubber-cement

    noun 1. a viscous, flammable liquid consisting of unvulcanized rubber dispersed in benzene, gasoline, or the like, used chiefly as an adhesive. rubber cement noun 1. any of a number of adhesives made by dissolving rubber in a solvent such as benzene

  • Rubber-check

    noun 1. a check drawn on an account lacking the funds to pay it; a check that bounces. rubber check rubber check A check drawn on an account without the funds to pay it, as in He’s been handing out rubber checks right and left, but the police have caught up with him. The rubber […]

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