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[ruhb-er-stamp] /ˈrʌb ərˈstæmp/
verb (used with object)
to imprint with a rubber stamp.
to give approval automatically or without consideration:
to rubber-stamp the president’s proposals.
tending to give approval automatically or without due consideration:
a rubber-stamp Congress that passed all the president’s bills.
rubber stamp
a device with a rubber printing surface that becomes coated with ink by being pressed on an ink-saturated pad, used for imprinting dates, addresses, standard designations or notices, etc., by hand.
a person or government agency that gives approval automatically or routinely.
such approval.
rubber stamp
a device used for imprinting dates or commonly used phrases on forms, invoices, etc
automatic authorization of a payment, proposal, etc, without challenge
a person who makes such automatic authorizations; a cipher or person of little account
verb (transitive)
to imprint (forms, invoices, etc) with a rubber stamp
(informal) to approve automatically
rubber stamp
A person or organization that automatically approves or endorses a policy without assessing its merit; also, such an approval or endorsement. For example, The nominating committee is merely a rubber stamp; they approve anyone the chairman names, or The dean gave his rubber stamp to the recommendations of the tenure committee. This metaphoric term alludes to the rubber printing device used to imprint the same words over and over. [ Early 1900s ]


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