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noun, Pathology.
technical name for measles Compare rubella

rubeola ru·be·o·la (rōō-bē’ə-lə, rōō’bē-ō’lə)
See measles.
ru·be’o·lar adj.
(r-bē’ə-lə, r’bē-ō’lə)
See measles.
rubeola [(rooh-bee-uh-luh, rooh-bee-oh-luh)]

See measles.


Read Also:

  • Rubeola virus

    rubeola virus n. See measles virus.

  • Rubeosis

    rubeosis ru·be·o·sis (rōō’bē-ō’sĭs) n. A condition characterized by reddish discoloration, as of the skin.

  • Rubeosis iridis diabetica

    rubeosis iridis diabetica rubeosis i·ri·dis di·a·bet·i·ca (ī’rĭ-dĭs dī’ə-bět’ĭ-kə) n. Neovascularization of the anterior surface of the iris of the eye, seen in chronic severe diabetes.

  • Rubescent

    adjective 1. becoming red; blushing. adjective 1. (literary) reddening; blushing rubescent ru·bes·cent (rōō-běs’ənt) adj. Turning red; reddening.

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