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(in ancient manuscripts, early printed books, etc.) having titles, catchwords, etc., distinctively colored.
verb (used with object), rubricated, rubricating.
to mark or color with red.
to furnish with or regulate by rubrics.
verb (transitive)
to print (a book or manuscript) with red titles, headings, etc
to mark in red
to supply with or regulate by rubrics


Read Also:

  • Rubrician

    noun 1. an expert in or close adherent to liturgical rubrics. noun 1. an authority on liturgical rubrics

  • Rubricyte

    rubricyte ru·bri·cyte (rōō’brĭ-sīt’) n. A normoblast having a polychromatic appearance.

  • Rubrospinal decussation

    rubrospinal decussation ru·bro·spi·nal decussation (rōō’brō-spī’nəl) n. See tegmental decussation.

  • Rubrum-lily

    noun 1. either of two cultivated lilies, Lilium auratum rubrum or L. speciosum rubrum, having showy red flowers.

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