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a noisy commotion; fracas; rumpus:
The losers are sure to raise a ruckus.
a heated controversy:
Newspapers fostered the ruckus by printing the opponents’ letters.
noun (pl) -uses
(informal) an uproar; ruction


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  • Ruction

    noun 1. a disturbance, quarrel, or row. noun (informal) 1. an uproar; noisy or quarrelsome disturbance 2. (pl) a violent and unpleasant row; trouble: there’ll be ructions when she finds out

  • Rudaceous

    adjective 1. (of conglomerate, breccia, and similar rocks) composed of coarse-grained material Compare arenaceous (sense 1), argillaceous adjective pertaining to coarse-grained (grain size 2mm or more) sedimentary rock Usage Note science

  • Ruda-slaska

    noun 1. a city in S Poland, NW of Katowice.

  • Rudbeckia

    noun 1. any composite plant of the genus Rudbeckia, having alternate leaves and showy flower heads. noun 1. any plant of the North American genus Rudbeckia, cultivated for their showy flowers, which have golden-yellow rays and green or black conical centres: family Asteraceae (composites) See also coneflower, black-eyed Susan

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