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of or relating to Rugby School
a person educated at Rugby School


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  • Rugby

    noun 1. a city in E Warwickshire, in central England. 2. a boys’ preparatory school located there: founded 1567. 3. Also, rugby. Also called rugger, Rugby football. a form of football, played between two teams of 15 members each, that differs from soccer in freedom to carry the ball, block with the hands and arms, […]

  • Rugby head

    noun 1. (NZ, derogatory, slang) a male follower of rugby culture

  • Rugby league

    noun 1. a form of rugby football played between teams of 13 players

  • Rugby-shirt

    noun 1. a knitted pullover sport shirt usually in bold horizontal stripes and having a white collar and neckline placket, styled after the shirts traditionally worn by the members of Rugby teams.

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