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a bulky, coarse fabric with a full nap, used as a floor covering.


Read Also:

  • Ruggles

    noun 1. Carl, 1876–1971, U.S. composer.

  • Rugine

    rugine ru·gine (rōō-zhēn’) n. See raspatory.

  • Rugosa-rose

    noun 1. a shrub, Rosa rugosa, having densely bristled stems, wrinkled leaves, and fragrant red or white flowers.

  • Rugose

    adjective 1. having wrinkles; wrinkled; ridged. 2. Botany. rough and wrinkled: applied to leaves in which the reticulate venation is very prominent beneath, with corresponding creases on the upper side. adjective 1. wrinkled: rugose leaves rugose ru·gose (rōō’gōs’) or ru·gous (-gəs) adj. Having many wrinkles or creases; ridged or wrinkled.

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