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the hind part of the body of an animal, as the hindquarters of a quadruped or sacral region of a bird.
a cut of beef from this part of the animal, behind the loin and above the round.
the buttocks.
the last part, especially that which is unimportant or inferior:
a rump of territory.
the remnant of a legislature, council, etc., after a majority of the members have resigned or been expelled.
the Rump, English History. Rump Parliament.
constituting a subsidiary or small group or the remnant of a once larger organization:
Our local Shakespeare Club will hold a rump meeting at the Elizabethan Drama Teachers’ convention.
the hindquarters of a mammal, not including the legs
the rear part of a bird’s back, nearest to the tail
a person’s buttocks
Also called rump steak. a cut of beef from behind the loin and above the round
an inferior remnant


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