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  • Run an errand

    Go to perform a commission, as in I spent the morning running household errands—to the cleaners, the supermarket, the hardware store. [ c. 1500 ]

  • Runanga

    noun (pl) runanga 1. (NZ) a Māori assembly or council

  • Run a number on

    do a number on run a number on

  • Runaround

    noun 1. indecisive or evasive treatment, especially in response to a request: Ask for a raise and he’ll give you the runaround. 2. Printing. an arrangement of type in which several lines are set in narrower measure than the others in a column to accommodate an illustration, initial, or the like. see: get the runaround

  • Run around in circles

    see: go around , def. 4; run rings around

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