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a run made by a player toward the goal line of the opponents after receiving a kick, intercepting a pass, or recovering an opponent’s fumble.
the distance covered in making such a run.

Tennis. the space on a tennis court between the base line and the backstop.


Read Also:

  • Run-batted-in

    noun, Baseball. 1. a runner advanced to home for a score by a particular player at bat, as when he or she gets a hit or a walk with the bases loaded: a category important in individual offensive statistics. Abbreviation: R.B.I.

  • Run by someone

    Try out on someone, as in Let me run this idea by you and see what you think of it. [ ; 1900s ]

  • Runch

    noun 1. (Scot & Northern English) the white charlock See charlock (sense 2)

  • Runcible

    Early system for mathematics on IBM 650. See also FORTRUNCIBLE, IT. [Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)]. (1994-10-27)

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