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adjective, Biology.
living or growing on or among rocks.


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  • Rupia

    rupia ru·pi·a (rōō’pē-ə) pl.n. Ulcers that develop in late secondary syphilis and are covered with yellowish or brown crusts. See yaws. ru’pi·al adj.

  • Rupiah

    noun, plural rupiah, rupiahs. 1. an aluminum coin, paper money, and monetary unit of Indonesia, equal to 100 sen. Abbreviation: Rp. noun (pl) -ah, -ahs 1. the standard monetary unit of Indonesia, divided into 100 sen

  • Rupicolous

    adjective 1. rupestrine. adjective 1. (biology) living or growing on or among rocks

  • Rupophobia

    noun a fear of dirt; also called rhypophobia See rhypophobia Word Origin Greek rhypos ‘filth’

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