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the handicraft of making objects woven of rushes.
an object so made.


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  • Rushy

    adjective, rushier, rushiest. 1. abounding with rushes or their stems. 2. covered or strewn with rushes. 3. consisting or made of rushes. 4. rushlike. adjective rushier, rushiest 1. abounding in, covered with, or made of rushes

  • Rusine-antler

    [roo-sahyn, -sin] /ˈru saɪn, -sɪn/ noun 1. an antler resembling that of the sambar.

  • Rus in urbe

    uknown 1. the country in the town

  • Rusk

    noun 1. a slice of sweet raised bread dried and baked again in the oven; zwieback. 2. light, soft, sweetened biscuit. noun 1. (David) Dean, 1909–94, U.S. statesman: secretary of state 1961–69. noun 1. a light bread dough, sweet or plain, baked twice until it is brown, hard, and crisp: often given to babies noun […]

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