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  • Rusty iron

    jargon, hardware Synonym tired iron. It has been claimed that this is the inevitable fate of water MIPS. [Jargon File] (1995-03-25)

  • Rusty memory

    storage, humour Mass-storage that uses iron-oxide-based magnetic media (especially magnetic tape and the pre-Winchester removable disk packs used in washing machines). Compare donuts. [Jargon File] (1997-07-20)

  • Rustys

    noun 1. a male or female given name. adjective rustier, rustiest 1. covered with, affected by, or consisting of rust: a rusty machine, a rusty deposit 2. of the colour rust 3. discoloured by age: a rusty coat 4. (of the voice) tending to croak 5. old-fashioned in appearance; seemingly antiquated: a rusty old gentleman […]

  • Rusty sputum

    rusty sputum rust·y sputum (rŭs’tē) n. A reddish-brown, blood-stained expectoration found in lobar pneumonia.

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