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adjective, Chemistry.
containing bivalent ruthenium.
of or containing ruthenium in a divalent state


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  • Ruthenium

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a steel-gray, rare metallic element, belonging to the platinum group of metals. Symbol: Ru; atomic weight: 101.07; atomic number: 44; specific gravity: 12.2 at 20°C. noun 1. a hard brittle white element of the platinum metal group. It occurs free with other platinum metals in pentlandite and other ores and is used […]

  • Rutherford

    noun 1. Daniel, 1749–1819, Scottish physician and chemist: discoverer of nitrogen. 2. Ernest (1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson) 1871–1937, English physicist, born in New Zealand: Nobel Prize in chemistry 1908. 3. John Sherman (“Johnny”) born 1938, U.S. racing-car driver. 4. Joseph Franklin, 1869–1942, U.S. leader of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 5. Dame Margaret, 1892–1972, British actress. 6. […]

  • Rutherford alpha-particle scattering

    noun, Physics. 1. the scattering of an alpha particle through a large angle with respect to the original direction of motion of the particle, caused by an atom (Rutherford atom) with most of the mass and all of the positive electric charge concentrated at a center or nucleus. Rutherford scattering The scattering undergone by a […]

  • Rutherfordium

    [ruhth-er-fawr-dee-uh m, -fohr-, ruhth-] /ˌrʌð ərˈfɔr di əm, -ˈfoʊr-, ˌrʌθ-/ noun, Chemistry, Physics. 1. a superheavy, synthetic, radioactive element with a very short half-life. Symbol: Rf; atomic number: 104. rutherfordium /ˌrʌðəˈfɔːdɪəm/ noun 1. a transactinide element produced by bombarding californium-249 nuclei with carbon-12 nuclei. Symbol: Rf; atomic number.: 104; atomic wt: 261 Name in the […]

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