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salacious; lustful.
(of an animal) in a condition of rut
lascivious or salacious


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  • Rutty

    adjective, ruttier, ruttiest. 1. full of or abounding in ruts, as a road. adjective -tier, -tiest 1. full of ruts or holes: a rutty track

  • Ruvo-kale

    noun 1. broccoli rabe.

  • Ruvuma

    noun 1. a river in SE Africa, flowing E along the Tanzania-Mozambique border to the Indian Ocean. About 450 miles (725 km) long.

  • Ruwenzori

    noun 1. a mountain group in central Africa between Lake Albert and Lake Edward: sometimes identified with Ptolemy’s “Mountains of the Moon.” Highest peak, Mt. Ngaliema (Stanley), with two summits: Mt. Margherita, 16,795 feet (5119 meters), and Mt. Alexandra, 16,726 feet (5098 meters). noun 1. a mountain range in central Africa, on the border between […]

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