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Remote Write Protocol


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  • Rwr

    RWR radar warning receiver

  • Rwy

    1. Railway. abbreviation 1. railway rwy. railway

  • Rx

    1. prescription. 2. (in prescriptions) take. 3. tens of rupees. Rx definition The symbol for prescriptions. A pattern matcher compatible with GNU regex, but generally faster. Version 0.05, released 1994-05-18, contained substantial changes from the version last distributed with GNU sed. These changes provide low-level support for searching across arbitrarily fragmented strings and suspendable searches. […]

  • Ry

    1. variant of -ery: heraldry; husbandry; dentistry; tenantry; jewelry. 1. Railway. noun, Physics. 1. a unit of energy used in atomic physics, equal to 13.606 electron-volts. Abbreviation: ry. suffix 1. a variant of -ery dentistry ry. railway

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