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South Carolina


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  • Scarab

    noun 1. any scarabaeid beetle, especially Scarabaeus sacer, regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians. 2. a representation or image of a beetle, much used among the ancient Egyptians as a symbol, seal, amulet, or the like. 3. a gem cut to resemble a beetle. noun 1. any scarabaeid beetle, esp Scarabaeus sacer (sacred scarab), […]

  • Scarabaeid

    adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the Scarabaeidae, a family of lamellicorn beetles, including the scarabs, dung beetles, June bugs, and cockchafers. noun 2. any scarabaeid beetle. noun 1. any beetle of the family Scarabaeidae, including the sacred scarab and other dung beetles, the chafers, goliath beetles, and rhinoceros beetles adjective 2. of, relating to, […]

  • Scarabaeoid

    adjective, Also, scaraboid [skar-uh-boid] /ˈskær əˌbɔɪd/ (Show IPA) 1. resembling a scarab. noun 2. an imitation or counterfeit scarab. adjective 1. Also scaraboid (ˈskærəˌbɔɪd). of, relating to, or resembling a scarabaeid 2. a former word for lamellicorn

  • Scarabaeus

    noun, plural scarabaeuses, scarabaei [skar-uh-bee-ahy] /ˌskær əˈbi aɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. scarab (defs 2, 3). noun (pl) -baeuses, -baei (-ˈbiːaɪ) 1. a less common name for scarab

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