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Physics. a unit of sound absorption, equal to one square foot (929 square centimeters) of a perfectly absorptive surface.
Albert Bruce, 1906–93, U.S. physician, born in Poland: developed Sabin vaccine.
(physics) a unit of acoustic absorption equal to the absorption resulting from one square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface
Albert Bruce. 1906–93, US microbiologist, born in Poland. He developed the Sabin vaccine (1955), taken orally to immunize against poliomyelitis

Sabin Sa·bin (sā’bĭn), Albert Bruce. 1906-1993.

American microbiologist and physician who developed a live-virus vaccine against polio (1957), replacing the killed-virus vaccine invented by Jonas Salk.

Sabin , Florence Rena. 1871-1953.

American pioneer anatomist noted for her investigations of the lymphatic system. She was the first woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences (1925).
A unit of acoustic absorption such that one square meter of material of one sabin absorbs 100 percent of the sound energy that strikes it.
Sabin, Albert Bruce 1906-1993.
American microbiologist and physician who developed a vaccine against polio that contained an active form of the polio virus (1957). This replaced a less effective vaccine, invented by Jonas Salk, that contained an inactivated form of the virus.


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