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noun, plural sabots
[sab-ohz; French sa-boh] /ˈsæb oʊz; French saˈboʊ/ (Show IPA)
a shoe made of a single block of wood hollowed out, worn especially by farmers and workers in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, etc.
a shoe with a thick wooden sole and sides and a top of coarse leather.

a wooden or metal disk formerly attached to a projectile in a muzzleloading cannon.
a soft metal ring at the base of a projectile that makes the projectile conform to the rifling grooves of a gun.

a shoe made from a single block of wood
a shoe with a wooden sole and a leather or cloth upper
a lightweight sleeve in which a subcalibre round is enclosed in order to make it fit the rifling of a firearm. After firing the sabot drops away
(Austral) a small sailing boat with a shortened bow


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