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the act of checking a horse quickly with a single strong pull of the reins.
Ophthalmology. the series of small, jerky movements of the eyes when changing focus from one point to another.
the movement of the eye when it makes a sudden change of fixation, as in reading
a sudden check given to a horse

saccade sac·cade (sā-käd’, sə-)
A rapid intermittent eye movement, as that which occurs when the eyes fix on one point after another in the visual field.
sac·cad’ic (-kä’dĭk) adj.


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  • Saccadic

    adjective 1. characterized by discontinuous or sporadic movement; jerky.

  • Saccate

    adjective 1. having a sac or the form of a sac. adjective 1. (botany) in the form of a sac; pouched saccate sac·cate (sāk’āt’) adj. Shaped like a pouch or sac. Having a pouch or sac.

  • Sacchar-

    1. a combining form meaning “sugar,” used in the formation of technical terms: saccharoid.

  • Saccharase

    noun 1. another name for invertase saccharase sac·cha·rase (sāk’ə-rās’, -rāz’) n. See invertase.

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