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verb (used with object), saccharized, saccharizing.
to convert into sugar; saccharify.
to convert (the starches in grain) to fermentable sugars during mashing.


Read Also:

  • Saccharo-

    1. variant of sacchar- before a consonant: saccharometer. combining form 1. sugar: saccharomycete saccharo- or sacchar- pref. Sugar: saccharide.

  • Saccharofarinaceous

    [sak-uh-roh-far-uh-ney-shuh s] /ˌsæk ə roʊˌfær əˈneɪ ʃəs/ adjective 1. pertaining to or consisting of sugar and meal.

  • Saccharoid

    adjective, Geology. (of rock) 1. having a granular texture like that of loaf sugar. adjective 1. (geology) Also saccharoidal. having or designating a texture resembling that of loaf sugar: saccharoid marble noun 2. (biochem) any of a group of polysaccharides that remotely resemble sugars, but are not sweet and are often insoluble

  • Saccharolactic-acid

    [sak-uh-roh-lak-tik, sak-] /ˈsæk ə roʊˈlæk tɪk, ˌsæk-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. mucic acid.

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