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See under yeast.


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  • Saccharomycete

    [sak-uh-roh-mahy-seet] /ˌsæk ə roʊˈmaɪ sit/ noun 1. a single-celled yeast of the family Saccharomycetaceae, having no mycelium.

  • Saccharose

    noun, Chemistry. 1. sucrose. noun 1. a technical name for sugar (sense 1)

  • Saccharum

    saccharum sac·cha·rum (sāk’ə-rəm) n. Sucrose.

  • Saccidananda

    [suhch-chid-ah-nuhn-duh] /ˈsʌtʃˈtʃɪd ɑˈnʌn də/ noun 1. Sat-cit-ananda.

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