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noun, plural sacculi
[sak-yuh-lahy] /ˈsæk yəˌlaɪ/ (Show IPA)
a saccule.


Read Also:

  • Saccus

    saccus sac·cus (sāk’əs) n. pl. sac·ci (sāk’ī, sāk’sī) A sac.

  • Sacellum

    noun, plural sacella [suh-kel-uh, -sel-uh] /səˈkɛl ə, -ˈsɛl ə/ (Show IPA) 1. a small chapel, as a monument within a church. 2. (in ancient Rome) a shrine open to the sky.

  • Sacerdotal

    adjective 1. of priests; priestly. adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of priests

  • Sacerdotalism

    [sas-er-doht-l-iz-uh m] /ˌsæs ərˈdoʊt lˌɪz əm/ noun 1. the system, spirit, or methods of the priesthood. 2. Usually Disparaging. priestcraft. sacerdotalism /ˌsæsəˈdəʊtəˌlɪzəm/ noun 1. the principles, methods, etc, of the priesthood 2. the belief that ordained priests are endowed with sacramental and sacrificial powers 3. exaggerated respect for priests 4. (derogatory) power over people’s opinions […]

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