of or relating to sacred rites or observances.
of or relating to the sacrum.
of, relating to, or associated with sacred rites
of or relating to the sacrum

sacral sa·cral (sā’krəl)
In the region of or relating to the sacrum.

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  • Sacral artery

    sacral artery n. An artery that is one of two arteries that arise from the internal iliac artery and supplies the muscles and skin in that area and sends branches into the sacral canal; lateral sacral artery. An artery with origin in the back of the abdominal aorta, with distribution to the lower lumbar vertebrae, […]

  • Sacral canal

    sacral canal n. The continuation of the vertebral canal in the sacrum.

  • Sacral crest

    sacral crest n. Any of five rough irregular ridges on the posterior surface of the sacrum.

  • Sacral flexure

    sacral flexure n. See caudal flexure.

  • Sacral foramen

    sacral foramen n. Any of the openings between the fused vertebrae of the sacrum transmitting the sacral nerves.

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