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a combining form representing sacrum, in compound words:

sacro- or sacr-
Sacrum: sacroiliac.


Read Also:

  • Sacroanterior position

    sacroanterior position sac·ro·an·te·ri·or position (sāk’rō-ān-tēr’ē-ər, sā’krō-) n. A breech presentation of the fetus with the sacrum directed toward either the left or right front quarter of the mother’s pelvis.

  • Sacrococcygeal

    sacrococcygeal sac·ro·coc·cyg·e·al (sāk’rō-kŏk-sĭj’ē-əl, sā’krō-) adj. Of, relating to, or affecting the sacrum and coccyx.

  • Sacrococcygeal muscle

    sacrococcygeal muscle n. An inconstant and poorly developed muscle on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the sacrum and the coccyx.

  • Sacrodynia

    sacrodynia sa·cro·dyn·i·a (sā’krō-dĭn’ē-ə, sāk’rō-) n. See sacralgia.

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