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Anwar el-
[ahn-wahr el] /ˈɑn wɑr ɛl/ (Show IPA), 1918–81, Egyptian political leader: president 1970–81; Nobel Peace Prize 1978.
Contemporary Examples

Residents of Sadat Street said any time someone hangs a poster of a candidate other than Shafiq, it gets torn down.
Hosni Mubarak Relatives Divided as Egyptians Take Stands on Historic Presidential Election Dan Ephron May 22, 2012

As a footnote, the Devil’s team said Sadat would have been far more unpredictable and prone to drastic action.
The End of the Mubarak Era Bruce Riedel January 28, 2011

Sadat understood that, conveyed convincingly that he did, and Menachem Begin responded in kind.
First Step to Peace: Admitting that it’s Complicated Yehudah Mirsky May 3, 2012

The plot to kill Sadat sought to unravel the peace he had made with Israel.
Al Qaeda’s New Sinai Front Bruce Riedel August 21, 2011

While the population has doubled since Sadat died, the number of prisons has quadrupled.
Crossroad for Arab Dictators Bruce Riedel January 14, 2011

Only then would I understand that Sadat was a contemporary version of these perennial enemies of the Jewish people.
How I Lost My Zionism Aryeh Cohen March 14, 2012

When Sadat held a referendum on the peace treaty, the majority voted for the peace treaty, not against it.
Freed Activist Blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad on Egypt’s Future David Keyes June 5, 2012

He has not advanced the peace process one inch beyond what President Sadat did back in 1981.
Hosni Mubarak’s Human-Rights Horrors David Keyes February 5, 2011

In his memoir, Kissinger claims that Sadat made the decision to go to war more than a year prior, in the summer of 1972.
CIA Officer Jack O’Connell’s Revelations about King Hussein, Kissinger, and Israel R.M. Schneiderman June 9, 2011

Historical Examples

By Europeans he is called simply the Sheykh (the word means chief) es Sadat.
Mentone, Cairo, and Corfu Constance Fenimore Woolson

(Mohammed) Anwar El (ˈænwɑː ɛl). 1918–81, Egyptian statesman: president of Egypt (1970–81); assassinated; Nobel peace prize jointly with Begin 1978


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