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a horse bred, trained, or used for riding.
American saddle horse.
saddle horse
a lightweight horse kept for riding only Also called saddler Compare carthorse


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  • Saddle-joint

    noun, Masonry. 1. (on a sill, coping, or the like) a vertical joint raised above the level of the washes on each side. saddle joint n. A biaxial joint in which the double motion is effected by the opposition of two surfaces, each of which is concave in one direction and convex in the other, […]

  • Saddle-leather

    noun 1. hide, as from a cow or bull, that undergoes vegetable tanning and is used for saddlery. 2. leather that simulates the vegetable-tanned product and is used for a variety of goods, as handbags and jackets.

  • Saddle nose

    saddle nose n. A nose having a markedly depressed bridge.

  • Saddle-oxford

    noun 1. saddle shoe.

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