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Saddle someone with

Burden someone with, as in Before he left on vacation, he saddled his assistant with many tasks he hadn’t time to do himself. [ Late 1600s ]


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  • Saddlesore

    adjective 1. feeling sore or stiff from horseback riding. 2. irritated or having sores produced by a saddle.

  • Saddle-sore

    noun 1. an irritation or sore on a horse caused by the rubbing of a poorly adjusted saddle. 2. an irritation or sore on a rider caused by a saddle. adjective 1. sore after riding a horse 2. (of a horse or rider) having sores caused by the chafing of the saddle noun 3. such […]

  • Saddle-stitch

    [sad-l-stich] /ˈsæd lˌstɪtʃ/ verb (used with object) 1. to sew, bind, or decorate with a saddle stitch. saddle stitch noun 1. Sewing. an overcasting stitch, especially one made with a strip of leather or a thick leatherlike cord. a spaced running stitch in contrasting or heavy thread, used mainly for decoration, usually along an edge. […]

  • Saddletree

    noun 1. the frame of a saddle. noun 1. the frame of a saddle

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