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the arched front part of a saddle or saddletree.
the pommel of a saddle


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  • Saddlecloth

    noun, plural saddlecloths [sad-l-klawth z, -kloth z, -klawths, -kloths] /ˈsæd lˌklɔðz, -ˌklɒðz, -ˌklɔθs, -ˌklɒθs/ (Show IPA) 1. Horse Racing. a cloth placed over the saddle of a racehorse bearing the horse’s number. 2. saddle blanket. noun 1. a light cloth put under a horse’s saddle, so as to prevent rubbing

  • Saddled with

    saddled with

  • Saddle gall

    noun 1. (vet science) a raw area of skin, with loss of hair, on the back or behind the elbow of a horse caused by uneven pressure by the saddle or girth

  • Saddle head

    saddle head n. See clinocephaly.

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