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[seyf-di-poz-it] /ˈseɪf dɪˌpɒz ɪt/
providing safekeeping for valuables:
a safe-deposit vault.

a place or building with facilities for the safe storage of money or valuables
(as modifier): a safe-deposit box


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  • Safe-deposit box

    or safety-deposit box noun 1. a lockable metal box or drawer, especially in a bank vault, used for safely storing valuable papers, jewelry, etc.

  • Safeguard

    noun 1. something that serves as a protection or defense or that ensures safety. 2. a permit for safe passage. 3. a guard or convoy. 4. a mechanical device for ensuring safety. verb (used with object) 5. to guard; protect; secure. noun 1. a person or thing that ensures protection against danger, damage, injury, etc […]

  • Safe-harbor

    noun 1. a harbor considered safe for a ship, as in wartime or during a storm at sea. 2. any place or situation that offers refuge or protection.

  • Safe-house

    noun 1. a dwelling or building whose conventional appearance makes it a safe or inconspicuous place for hiding, taking refuge, or carrying on clandestine activities. noun 1. a place used secretly by undercover agents, terrorists, etc, as a meeting place or refuge

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