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noun, Nautical.
life car.


Read Also:

  • Safety-catch

    noun 1. a device used in mechanisms, as for elevators, to prevent falling in the event of mechanical failure. 2. safety (def 4). safety catch noun 1. a device to prevent the accidental operation of a mechanism, e.g. in a firearm or lift

  • Safety chain

    noun 1. a chain on the fastening of a bracelet, watch, etc, to ensure that it cannot open enough to fall off accidentally Also called guard

  • Safety-circuit

    noun 1. a type of electronic circuit that prevents malfunction by stopping the flow of current or sounding an alert.

  • Safety-critical system

    A computer, electronic or electromechanical system whose failure may cause injury or death to human beings. E.g. an aircraft or nuclear power station control system. Common tools used in the design of safety-critical systems are redundancy and formal methods. See also aeroplane rule.

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