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to sink or bend downward by weight or pressure, especially in the middle:
The roof sags.
to hang down unevenly; droop:
Her skirt was sagging.
to droop; hang loosely:
His shoulders sagged.
to yield through weakness, lack of effort, or the like:
Our spirits began to sag.
to decline, as in price:
The stock market sagged today.

(of a hull) to droop at the center or have excessive sheer because of structural weakness.
Compare (def 14).
to be driven to leeward; to make too much .

to cause to sag.
an act or instance of sagging.
the degree of sagging.
a place where anything sags; depression.
a moderate decline in prices.

deflection downward of a hull amidships, due to structural weakness.
(def 3).

Contemporary Examples

Julia bounced around as a servant in various families, and died in sag Harbor in 1907.
The House that Slavery Built Jane Ciabattari July 15, 2013

With a little luck, the last chapter of sag Harbor captures how I feel about the dance of the generations.
The Great Summer Read Is Here Jane Ciabattari February 18, 2009

“People are still a little tense,” says Christian McLean, another sag Harbor resident.
Hamptons Residents Reel as Superstorm Sandy Recedes Emily J. Weitz October 30, 2012

For the past seven years, every acting Oscar winner has first taken home the sag.
Why George Clooney Will Lose to Jean Dujardin Richard Rushfield February 23, 2012

In fact, of all the precursor awards, the sag is probably the best indicator of the eventual Oscar winner.
The SAG Awards Best Speeches…And What They Mean for Oscar Kevin Fallon January 18, 2014

Historical Examples

Skirts should be hung exactly on the form and no part of the band should be allowed to sag.
Textiles and Clothing Kate Heintz Watson

All one has to do is to stop thinking and sag, or stop thinking and slash.
The Ghost in the White House Gerald Stanley Lee

It never bunches, but it’s inclined to pack down and make me sag.
The Patchwork Girl of Oz L. Frank Baum

I can see the sag of their tired shoulders against the whitewashed wall.
My Antonia Willa Cather

The weapon in his hand began to sag curiously, the fingers holding it slowly slipping from the stock.
Square Deal Sanderson Charles Alden Seltzer

verb (mainly intransitive) sags, sagging, sagged
(also transitive) to sink or cause to sink in parts, as under weight or pressure: the bed sags in the middle
to fall in value: prices sagged to a new low
to hang unevenly; droop
(of courage, spirits, etc) to weaken; flag
the act or an instance of sagging: a sag in profits
(nautical) the extent to which a vessel’s keel sags at the centre Compare hog (sense 6), hogged

a marshy depression in an area of glacial till, chiefly in the US Middle West
(as modifier): sag and swell topography


late 14c., possibly from a Scandinavian source related to Old Norse sokkva “to sink,” or from Middle Low German sacken “to settle, sink” (as dregs in wine), from denasalized derivative of Proto-Germanic base *senkwanan “to sink” (see sink (v.)). A general North Sea Germanic word (cf. Dutch zakken, Swedish sacka, Danish sakke). Of body parts from 1560s; of clothes from 1590s. Related: Sagged; sagging.

1580s, in nautical use, from sag (v.). From 1727 of landforms; 1861 of wires, cables, etc.
Screen Actors Guild


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