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Sago grass

(Austral) a tall tough grass, Paspalidum globoideum, grown as forage for cattle


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  • Sago-palm

    noun 1. any of several tropical Old World palms, as of the genera Metroxylon and Caryota, that yield sago. 2. a cycad, Cycas revoluta, of Japan, having a crown of glossy, fernlike leaves, grown as an ornamental. noun 1. any of various tropical Asian palm trees, esp any of the genera Metroxylon, Arenga, and Caryota, […]

  • Sago spleen

    sago spleen sa·go spleen (sā’gō) n. Amyloidosis in the spleen affecting chiefly the malpighian bodies.

  • Sagri

    SAGRI Substance Abuse, Growth, and Recovery Institute

  • Sag-rod

    noun 1. (in a roof) a rod for preventing the sagging of an open-web steel joist that is used as a purlin with its depth at right angles to a roof slope.

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