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a yard for a sail.


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  • Sail under false colors

    sail under false colors definition To behave deceptively; the “colors” of a ship are its identifying flags: “It turned out that the door-to-door sales rep was sailing under false colors and was actually a swindler.” sail under false colors see under false colors

  • Sail through

    Also,sail right through. Accomplish quickly and easily, make easy progress through, as in He sailed through the written test in no time, or We sailed right through customs. This expression alludes to a boat moving quickly and easily through the water. [ Mid-1900s ]

  • Sakkos

    noun, plural sakkoi [Greek sah-kee; English sak-oi] /Greek ˈsɑ ki; English ˈsæk ɔɪ/ (Show IPA). Eastern Church. 1. an embroidered vestment worn by a bishop and corresponding to the dalmatic.

  • Sakta

    noun, Hinduism. 1. Shakta. noun, Hinduism. 1. a person who worships Shakti as the wife of Shiva. noun 1. (Hinduism) a devotee of Sakti, the wife of Siva

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