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Andrei (Dmitrievich) [ahn-drey di-mee-tree-uh-vich;; Russian uhn-dryey dmyee-tryi-yi-vyich] /ˈɑn dreɪ dɪˈmi tri ə vɪtʃ;; Russian ʌnˈdryeɪ ˈdmyi tryɪ yɪ vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1921–1989, Russian nuclear physicist and human-rights advocate: Nobel Peace Prize 1975.
Contemporary Examples

In the past, there was a square in Washington in front of the Soviet embassy which was called ‘Sakharov Plaza.’
Why China Hates This New D.C. Street Name David Keyes June 2, 2014

So each time they had to write something at the Soviet embassy, they had to mention Sakharov.
Why China Hates This New D.C. Street Name David Keyes June 2, 2014

When he addressed a demonstration last weekend on Sakharov Prospect, the biggest in Moscow in 20 years, the crowd went wild.
Russian Opposition Leader Demands New Elections Anna Nemtsova December 27, 2011

Andrei (anˈdrjej). 1921–89, Soviet physicist and human-rights campaigner: Nobel peace prize 1975


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