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Salad dodger


an overweight person, esp. one who shuns healthy foods like salad

The buffet-style restaurants appeal to salad dodgers.
Usage Note

derogatory slang


Read Also:

  • Salad-dressing

    noun 1. a sauce for a salad, usually with a base of oil and vinegar or of mayonnaise. salad dressing noun 1. a sauce for salad, such as oil and vinegar or mayonnaise

  • Salade

    noun, Armor. 1. sallet. noun 1. another word for sallet

  • Salad-fork

    noun 1. a small, broad fork, usually one of a set, for eating salad or dessert.

  • Salad-green

    noun 1. a leafy green vegetable, as lettuce, watercress, or escarole, served raw as or in a salad.

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