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an island off the SE coast of Greece, W of Athens, in the Gulf of Aegina: Greeks defeated Persians in a naval battle 480 b.c. 39 sq. mi. (101 sq. km).
an ancient city on Cyprus, in the E Mediterranean: the apostle Paul made his first missionary journey to Salamis. Acts 13:5.
a kind of sausage, originally Italian, often flavored with garlic.
an island in the Saronic Gulf, Greece: scene of the naval battle in 480 bc, in which the Greeks defeated the Persians. Pop (municipality): 28 423 (2001). Area: 95 sq km (37 sq miles) Modern Greek name Salamina (salaˈmiːna)
a highly seasoned type of sausage, usually flavoured with garlic

a city on the south-east coast of Cyprus (Acts 13:5), where Saul and Barnabas, on their first missionary journey, preached the word in one of the Jewish synagogues, of which there seem to have been several in that place. It is now called Famagusta.


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